this is who we are

We thrive where humanity, creativity and impact intersect. We also happen to be designers, developers, and strategists.

Who we are

We are musicians, storytellers, travellers, activists, athletes, and math and musical theatre geeks. We are friends, dog lovers, and avocado and craft beer connoisseurs. We occasionally play bingo.

What we do

We design websites and build tools that connect people to purpose, to mission, and to action. We create platforms and campaigns, and help tell stories as vehicles for significant, strategic and lasting impact.

Why we do it

We need to feel as though we are connected to something larger than ourselves. We are also committed to excellent design. We enjoy bringing the two together with partners whose work we believe in.

meet our team

big hearts + creative minds




mobile development

content strategy

dan jordan

dan jordan

Coding by day and designing by night, Dan is a bit of an anomaly. Touring-musician-turned-independent web designer and developer, Dan has spent the last five years building sites primarily for nonprofits, foundations, boutique businesses, and socially conscious brands. Formerly, Dan operated under his business, Opus Media Solutions. In addition to steering the ethosLA ship, Dan continues to pursue his passion for music by playing occasionally in LA.

As ethosLA's founder and design and dev lead, Dan extracts each client’s ‘why’ and larger vision, while simultaneously attending to each detail. His thoughtful approach and commitment to excellence is visible throughout each client relationship and project deliverable. When not building sites or jamming, you can find Dan playing soccer or cheering on Manchester United at a local pub in his East LA neighborhood.

social engagement


brand strategy



kristen irving

kristen irving

Nonprofit consultant and campaign strategist by day, and film director by night, Kristen has a few pots boiling. She believes in using the power of story, relationship, and resource to change people and communities. In addition to being on the ethosLA team, she is currently consulting for XPRIZE Foundation and directing her first documentary, Pro-Lifetime.

Formerly, Kristen served as the VP of Media and Communications for the L.A. Kitchen, and produced award-winning short documentary Life After Manson. She led the cause marketing and social engagement strategies for Oscar nominated Directors Lee Hirsh (Bully) and Lucy Walker (Crash Reel). She continues to advise filmmakers and nonprofits on partner outreach, campaign development, and grassroots and digital engagement.

Having worked at such companies as the CAA Foundation and Participant Media, as well as various roles in the cause marketing space, she is equipped to support the full range of ethosLA client needs. When not brainstorming, you can find Kristen walking her dog in her Los Feliz neighborhood, or eating guacamole with friends.

graphic design

UX + mobile design


print media

kristina lembesis

kristina lembesis

Kristina Lembesis is a passionate designer and artist that has worked in various parts of the UX & Mobile world. With a background in Fine Arts, she embarked into the digital world, applying colour theory and balancing East Coast/West Coast design sensibility. She has worked for a handful of Boston startups, moving from print to web to mobile.

Now with 10 years of UX experience, she's run the gambit of designing a national doctor's network at Sermo, to shaping a healthy lifestyle community for MeYouHealth, to successfully bringing a traditional publishing company into the mobile space with Cengage Learning. Kristina continues to expand her expertise while collaborating with various lean startups and social enterprises.

When not designing something beautiful, Kristina can be found in front of a canvas in her Bay area neighborhood, or on a plane traveling to a new destination.

front-end development

back-end development


database management

system administration

farye nwede

farye nwede

When it comes to all things code, there isn't much Farye cannot do. Over the past 10 years, this jack-of-all-trades has flexed his professional muscles in web development, system administration and dev ops for companies including Intel, PivotHead, PHG and Hero Nutritional. Farye is also a contributor to Blazonco CMS, building and enhancing the platform's social networking and e-commerce capabilities.

When he is not locked to his screen, Farye can be found dunking on his local basketball court in Southern California, tearing up flag football routes and trekking through hiking trails.

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